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About Milenge Milenge (2010)
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Shahid Kapur and Aarti Chhabria in upcoming Movie Milenge Milenge

Kareena Kapoor and Delnaaz Paul in upcoming Movie Milenge Milenge

Aarti Chhabria in upcoming Movie Milenge Milenge
Synopsis in brief
Magic happens, if you let it; and sometimes even fate or destiny, or whatever you want to call it, steps in to lend a hand. But when it concerns love, and finding that special person you're going to spend the rest of your life with, should you risk tempting fate with a test of that love or what is seemingly meant to be, or should you just follow your apparent destiny and embrace it? Such are the questions two people must face and answer in the romantic comedy/drama. "Milenge Milenge"

This charming romantic comedy has all the right ingredients and serves up a dollap of sugary romance and slapstick fun. Amit (Shahid Kapoor) and Priya (Kareena Kapoor) meet at a Youth festival in Bangkok. The attraction is instant and they spend days together cavorting around Bangkok City together. At the end of the festival when they are preparing to come back to Delhi, Amit loses Priya"s trust and she decides to end the relationship. Amit tries to regain her trust by telling her that are destined to be together and Priya decides that if it is fate that they should be together, they will find each other Delhi again, Although both do not know each other's whereabouts in Delhi.

Years go by and both of them are about to be married, but each still has this nagging feeling that the other was his/her one true love. Of course fate conspires to bring them back together (after about a dozen very interesting near misses) as they each simultaneously undertake one last attempt to find one another just before they get married to someone else.
So is all of life pre determined, even who our soul mate is? That's the theme explored in Milenge Milenge, a delightful fairytale of a romantic comedy that makes you fall in love all over again.

Producer : S.K. films Enterprises - Boney Kapoor
Director : Satish Kaushik
Music : Himesh Reshammiya
Writer : Shiraz Ahmed
DOP : S. Sriram
Music on : T. Series

Plot keywords:

Cast & Crew:

Kareena Kapoor...Priya

Shahid Kapoor...Amit

Aarti Chhabria...

Delnaaz Paul...Honey

Satish Shah...

Satish Kaushik...

Sarfaraz Khan...Ashish

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