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frontWin - Hotel Management Software
Sell  We are offering billing software for Hotel, Guest House for purpose of Room Billing.
Name:Pelagian Softwares
Contact Person:Rishi Acharya
Address:C/223, MDV Nagar
Bikaner - 334 004
Rajasthan, India
Keywords:hotel billing, hotel inventory, hotel software, hotel management, hotel accounting system, room billing, room billing software, guest house billing, room reservation software, room booking, hotel accounting

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Offering Hotel Management Software

It is, of course, essential for hotel industry that its management system must have excellent handling technique for giving better customer satisfaction and also for getting consistent growth . By keeping this in mind our huge experience of this industry has launched user friendly software for hotel management. In it we have included all those prerequisite things which are truly helpful for manager or operator. In addition to this we have entertained innovative techniques and kept utmost care for its successful operation in hotel management.

Pelagianís Hotel Software is an In-house Windows based application used by businesses to excel their day-to-day operations such as Room Bookings, Reservations, Check-In or Check-Out. This software is developed for suitable works of the following types of accommodation like Hotels, Guesthouses, Cottages, Villas or Any other Room Booking which is to be managed on a day-to-day basis.

This Software also includes all the features required in a Hotel Management such as Hotel Reservation, customer check in, customer Check-Out and provides integrated report for all customers. Our software is designed to help administrator or operator to track all Check-In or Check-Out status with just single mouse click.

Other Feature & Utilities

Our advanced software system helps to increase revenue because it saves processing time and also helps to provide better management for room reservation and booking system. This user friendly system can be used to manage daily transactions of a Hotel, which includes Reservation Billing, Restaurant Billing, Check-In, Check-Out and a complete accounting module. This software is the modern solution which has whole range of integrated modules to cover every function of a Hotel management.

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